• Teaching Program 2023
    In Berlin: Normally evening classes were held in Berlin every fortnight. ( scroll down for more information 
in the German and English language). For further information please use the contact form, see above. However due to the Pandemic and frequently changing State regulations it is not possible to predict exact and reliable dates for our […]
  • Movementsklassen in Berlin
    Was sind Movements? Movements sind der nonverbale Teil der Lehre von Gurdjieff. Unser Körper wird hier mit strikt vorgeschriebenen exakten Bewegungsabläufen und Mustern konfrontiert, die es uns ermöglichen können, einen anderen Eindruck von uns zu erwecken. In seiner strengen Schönheit, und in Symbiose mit der Pianomusik, manifestiert sich das Movement, und lädt uns dazu ein, […]
  • Movements Classes in Berlin
    What are Movements? Movements are the non-verbal part of the teachings of Gurdjieff. In this discipline our body is confronted with strictly prescribed and precise movements and patterns that create new impressions of ourselves and our potential. In its vigorous beauty, and in symbiosis with the piano music, each Movement manifests itself, and invites us […]